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About Us

This was no dream. There is no business plan. I just believe more of us can make a difference through positive, impactful choices - simply by helping others. 

Driven by a decade of surf-inspired travels, Four Corals is simply a project cultivated from oceanic inspiration and a desire to give back. Each of the Four Corals is symbolic of a destination that inspired this coffee journey. Like coral itself, these places all foster incredibly diverse communities with an ocean-minded community. For myself, these connections were made in the water. Further connections were made... over coffee! (Okay, and beer!)
For the past decade, this caffeine-fueled surf journey went into remote jungles of Latin America and Southeast Asia, furthering my love for exotic coffees, waves and people in beautiful destinations. Now in Portland, Oregon... it turns out a ton of coffee is roasted here.

I believe coffee farmers and their communities deserve better. Our environment deserves better. And our communities deserve better environments. All must thrive in relatively perfect harmony to produce your coffee.

When you purchase a bag of Four Corals Coffee, proceeds go towards:
Cleaner water for communities. Improving plastic pollution on beaches. Fair Trade practices. Conservation. Action. And education. 

Let's create the island paradise your mind envisions. Join our experimental coffee journey - inspired by exploration and conservation - To build better communities.

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